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Messy and Beautiful

“Sometimes you’ve got to embrace the unexpected.  The things we never saw coming often take us to the places we never imagined we could go.”  Kemmy Nola

Recently, we traveled to the coast for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. Our family and Logan Blade‘s participate in an annual autism awareness benefit there. We also enjoy getting some rare time for our families to visit with each other. While Logan is pretty laid back, always going with the flow, Morgan requires a schedule. There is a constant juggle of what’s “too much schedule” for her, and what’s not enough.  When I think of the differences between Logan and Morgan, I’m reminded of the saying, “when you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”  Truth!

Anxiety and OCD are kissing cousins to Morgan’s autism.  They are the enemies of spontaneity and joy.  They refuse to let go and trust that the day will land in a safe place without their orchestrating every moment, every breath.  I’ve watched them take my daughter down on countless occasions, robbing her of the ability to wait, to relax, to just enjoy being with friends.  Morgan knows friends are messy, and loud.  They often do the unexpected.  They are great at derailing her perfect plans.  I’m trying to help her understand friends are also Beautiful!  Even with all the chaos they create, they are really worth having around us.

We are always trying to find ways to help Morgan learn how to cope with the messy and the unexpected, so she can enjoy being with friends.  Our family is blessed to live in an area where there are several organizations providing social and recreational opportunities for young adults with disabilities.  They have regular gatherings, dinners and dances,…  Nothing makes me happier than to see Morgan bobbing up and down on the dance floor, weaving around her buddies.  She’s still in her bubble, but it’s the closest I’ve seen her get to popping it.  😉

Using the Arts and creativity has been another great way to stretch Morgan’s coping abilities.  Her “Messy Flag” is a pour painting, which required making a mess to create something beautiful.

We’ve made note cards from her painting to spread awareness of OCD, anxiety, and autism.  As we learn and grow, it’s always our hope to bring understanding and encouragement to others.  Follow us on Facebook Know the Hope to learn more about us, and how to get some of Morgan’s note cards.  We’d love to hear from you.


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“Good Things”

It started with Morgan’s weekend breakfast special; scrambled eggs, grits, biscuits, and turkey bacon. Her dad has recently taught her the art of turning that biscuit into a bacon and egg sandwich. Yum! it’s a Good Thing. 😉 After checking out the latest episode of Mickey Mouse Club, and relaxing a bit, it was time to head for SENSE Theatre. Morgan has been sharing some artwork with them, which will be displayed in March at their show, Circus delSe’. Another Good Thing!
Sense 1b
Next we were off to Project 22, for a little more art fun. I thought Morgan would be “all done” near the end of the session, but she surprised me by saying she wanted to “stay with friends”.
Hearing this made Mom’s day!

Later that evening we had dinner with her Mamaw, Papaw, and friends at the Long Hollow Jamboree. Then after church Sunday, Morgan capped off the weekend with a visit to the circus with a few of buddies.
Mamaw Morgan Long Hollow JAmboree Circus Morgan kenneth Lesa
This weekend was just one Good Thing after another, and the Best Thing was seeing her truly enjoy being with friends! Now I really think a nap would be a Good Thing. 😉

Hope you enjoy listening to our latest single, recently released to radio, available on iTunes.

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