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Goals and Grace, Life Time Lessons

“May you find grace to accomplish your God given goals”. – Laila’s Gifty Akita

Morgan participates in a organization called Borderless Arts TN. It offers endless opportunities for artists with disabilities, allowing them to learn and shine. Recently they challenged the artists to let their imagination Take Flight, to create a piece of art related to the theme of flying. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was our favorite elephant!

Morgan has always loved Dumbo and his story. She even dresses up like him to reenact scenes from the movie. I can relate to his mother, Mrs. Jumbo. When either one of my daughters is in crisis, my momma gene kicks into overdrive. My heart can definitely get ahead of my head.

Morgan dressed for Dumbo’s the Baby Clown scene

While my older daughter, Allison, gracefully flew the coop years ago, Morgan is in a bit of a holding pattern. At 28, she’s still adjusting to her wings. Life skills teaching is ongoing. Keeping the JOY in the learning process can be a challenge at times. Since we both felt a connection to this latest project, I knew Joy And Learning should be a given.

At first, we looked up some videos on how to draw Dumbo flying. It turned out they were all a bit too complicated. While it’s important to challenge Morgan, setting the goals too high only sets her up to fail. I could see Frustration was about to steal that joy factor. Break Time!

Story Time

When something is important, it’s important to give it time. As we both relaxed and took a little time to remember why we were doing this, grace was able to step in. It whispered to me, “This is Her Art, Her Goals. Find a fresh approach.” Grace meets us where we are and gently leads us to a better altitude. I know this because I’m a frequent flyer of Grace Airlines. 😉

The Test Flight

Working from a higher perspective, we were able to find the way for Morgan to paint this solo. When you’re flying above Dumbo, looking down, you can see that he’s made up of some simple shapes; a circle for his head, an oval for his body, ears like wings,… First a little practice, and then she was ready. ❤️

Finishing up Dumbo’s Toes and Nose. Look at those Beautiful Ears!

Drying time allowed us another little break, so we took some time to discuss the snow falling.

Snowing Inside and Out

Here we go again! It’s almost time to land this project.

The Delight is in The Details

Thank you for joining us. We hope you enjoyed your flight!


Until Next Time,

Know The Hope!

Mom & Morgan


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