Relative Location of the Heart

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my concerns.” Psalm 139:23

Our family has been, physically and emotionally, all over the map this past few weeks. A dear friend had open heart surgery. Thankfully, they are home and healing now. My daughter, Allison, her husband and our three grand pugs, moved across the country to Maine. They are home and safe now. We traveled to our favorite coast on the Alabama/Florida line to do an autism benefit. After being back home for a few days and settling into our routine, I heard Morgan say to herself, “Thank goodness you’re home. I missed me so much.” ❤️

Allison gave me a very sweet gift when she left. While making the two and half day drive to her new home, she shared her location with me through google. I was able to mom stalk her, check on her whereabouts throughout the trip, pray and feel connected, as I watched her little cartoon face moving up the map.

Grand Pugs on the road to Maine

Being the nerd that I am, I was interested to learn there are two different ways of measuring location; Absolute (Geographically, using latitude and longitude) and Relative (Showing where a place is in relation to another landmark). The absolute location does not change. The relative location changes, as our position and perspective changes.

In my relationship with God, distance happens whenever I try to suppress what’s really on my heart. Dishonesty causes a chasm that can’t be bridged. Brutal honesty has always brought me back home. Admitting to God and myself the things He already knows about me. The pride, the jealousy, the hurts, the anger, … All the Flaws. I’m grateful that I don’t have to pretend to be somewhere I’m not, something I’m not. When I come to Him just as I am, His love bridges my gaps. It’s Absolute. It Never Changes.

I’ve had several people ask me how I feel about Allison being so far away. Do I miss her being closer to home? Well Yes! But the truth is, it’s just geography. There are families who sit across the table from each other every day, whose hearts are miles apart. What’s important for her to know is that I love and support her. We’re staying connected, having honest conversations, and I believe the relative position of our hearts are closer now than they’ve been in a long time. What’s important for me to remember is, while I can’t physically be there anytime I want, God is always there for her. And He loves her even more than I do. I’ve told her as long as she stays close to the Lord, I know she’s in the best location she can be.

Mom and the Mainer

Until Next Time,

Know The Hope!



4 thoughts on “Relative Location of the Heart

  1. Omegbhai Uriri says:

    Hi Tammy! Thank you for the blog. Have a happy day of thanksgiving.

    With Gratitude, Mrs. Omegbhai Ojior Uriri, MSPH Director of Advocacy & Education

    On The Avenue Nashville, TN 37206 615-385-2077, ext. 3 Become A Member! Together We Can Pickup The Pieces

    *Notice* ****In accordance with federal, state, and local laws, Autism Tennessee does not discriminate in any programs or activities or in employment politics and provides equal opportunities in its programs and activities. Additional information concerning Autism Tennessee’s nondiscrimination obligations and the compliant procedure can be obtained calling 615-270-2077.* *This email may contain PRIVILEGED and CONFIDENTIAL information and is intended only for the use of the specific individual(s) to which it is addressed. If you are not an intended recipient of this email, you are hereby notified that any unauthorized use, dissemination, or copying of this email or the information contained in it or attached to it is strictly prohibited. If you received this e-mail in error, please delete it, and immediately notify the person named above by reply mail.****

    On Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 2:33 PM Tammy Vice – Know The Hope wrote:

    > Tammy Vice posted: ” “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know > my concerns.” Psalm 139:23 Our family has been, physically and emotionally, > all over the map this past few weeks. A dear friend had open heart surgery. > Thankfully, they are home and healing now. ” >

  2. Carolyn Shindler says:

    Well, I’ve heard Maine is a beautiful place to visit! Karen Coston is also in Maine, so maybe she and Allison will connect. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Christmas too. Miss seeing you!!

    • Really miss seeing you! Hope you all are enjoying the holidays. We have got to put something on the calendar. Hugs!! Thank you for letting me know about Karen. I’ll tell Allison.

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