Life Sighs

“Though she be but little, she be fierce!” – William Shakespeare

This September, Allison will be celebrating her 30th birthday.  I remember the day she was born, as if it was yesterday.  On the seventh floor of the Providence Hospital, we were all anxiously awaiting her arrival.  Thirteen hours of labor, posterior “face up”, her spine against mine.  A lot of pushing and pulling.  Right from the get-go, a little woman who had her own ideas. 😉

When Allison finally made her appearance at 3:07 pm, there was some discussion about her size.  They handed Rudy a paper measuring tape, and asked how long he thought she was.  (I’m sure this was a distraction tactic for nervous new dads.) He guessed 24 inches.  Papaw’s response was “That baby ain’t no two feet long!”  Rudy continued to fumble with the tape while she wiggled.  The final analysis, 21 inches long.  Weight 7 lbs. 7 oz.

couch babies  Our Lamaze class results.  Allison is the first, and smallest, munchkin on the left.

Although she’s still “five foot nothing”, Allison’s come a long way.  She’s always been one to aim at her goals, and do what it takes to accomplish them.  I’m very proud of the woman she’s become.  I’m thankful she’s been blessed to find her soulmate, a career, and a community she loves being a part of.  Below are the lyrics to a song and a link to the music, written as a gift, to celebrate her 30th.  Love you girl!

Three decades full of prayers and praise
Since a new life landed on the planet that day
Changed our world, sweet little baby girl
They handed your dad a measuring tape
Said there wasn’t much there, but every inch was great
In his eyes, No surprise
We were feeling blessed and half scared to death
Just looking at you took our breath
Allison, Allison

You were the Princess of Pine Street
At age twelve we moved to Tennessee
Changed your world, no more baby girl
It was all crazy, it was all new
You hung in there, you did what you do
The girl we know and love, rose above
You’re still five foot nothing, but you’re dynamite
A pint-sized candle, burning bright
Allison, Allison

Got a Masters, a paycheck, found your Prince
Picked a couple of pugs, and married all of them
Now they’re your world. Not bad for 30, girl.
Love, Mom – for September, 2017

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Allison, Prince Jabe, & the pugs

Until Next Time,

Know The Hope!




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