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Mist – Judged

Morgan has two dolls now that she enjoys taking on outings at times.  She has named them “Baby Doll” and “Baby Boy”.


She took Baby Boy to church for the Christmas Eve Candlelight service, because it was about Baby Jesus.


Earlier that day, we were walking Baby Doll in the misty drizzle. I was holding an umbrella to cover Morgan and me. A well-meaning motorist pulled up beside us, offering another umbrella. I told her we were fine, but she insisted we take it. It was then I realized she thought the baby was real, that Morgan and I were choosing to cover ourselves, and not the baby.
Sometimes you just don’t have the energy, or the inclination, to explain things. I smiled, took the umbrella, covered the stroller and waved goodbye, leaving her to think she had rescued the situation. What she must have thought of us, and later, shared with her friends. Life with Morgan is never boring.


Until next time, stay warm and dry out there. 🙂

Know The Hope,



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