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Nothing Too Big, or Too Small

I was recently reminded that nothing is too big, or too small, for God to handle. Morgan received a sweet gift, a bracelet with a charm that you add each day of December. She keeps it on her table beside her chair. We were about to add our charm, which was part our morning routine, and it was missing. She started crying, “Oh dear! It’s lost!” In our autism world, not knowing where something is can be a very big deal.
I told Morgan, first we’d fix breakfast, then we’d find it. She was getting more upset, so as we stood there in the kitchen together, I said “Take a breath. Why don’t we ask Jesus to help. He knows where it is.”  Those of you parents, who know what this is like, know that I was praying just as hard as she was. “Dear Lord, Please help us find Morgan’s bracelet.” She relaxed enough for us to cook breakfast. When we walked back into the living room, there it was!, front and center, on her table. Morgan said “There it is. Thank you Jesus.”
In my heart, I saw God wink ; a little Merry Christmas miracle.
Until Next Time,
Know The Hope!
Morgan & Mom



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