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Gardeners of Hope

This May will be seventeen years since our family packed up our two girls, one dog, and a seed of hope.  We left our home in Alabama, family and friends we loved dearly, to seek answers.  This wasn’t just about Morgan’s future.  It was about our family’s future, because  autism is family affair. 😉 We had heard about the research Vanderbilt Kennedy Center was doing, and learned of the strong support network  Autism Tennessee was providing.  Although we miss our Alabama home, we have planted deep roots in Tennessee.  We are very thankful for the community of love and support we have here.

When we plant a seed, we control the things we can.  We pick the location, nourish the soil, add water, and weed as needed.  At the same time, seasons come and go without our permission.  Some are harsh.  Some are generous and flourishing.  Hopefully, we learn from both, becoming better gardeners, ready to help those coming along after us to break new ground.

Today I took a walk to weed my mind of unnecessary things, and focus on new growth.  This old azalea bush was smiling back at me when I returned home.  It was transplanted here from our home in Alabama by my parents, when they moved to join us in Tennessee fifteen years ago.  We’re so thankful to have them near. Grandparents are Master Gardeners.  😉

Mobile Azalea

The following song was co-written with John Edd Thompson, in my early years of parenting.  I still believe in the miracle of a seed. 😉 Hope you enjoy

Love Can Grow

Until Next Time,

Know The Hope!

Tammy Vice and Family


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