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A Season of Seam Ripping

When you have a child that requires a “special education”, your life becomes very kin to a patchwork quilt, because there is no standard fitted product made to cover that need.  We have spent the past eighteen years, with teams of educational seamstresses and seamsters, stitching together promising pieces of curriculum, and “best practices” to create what’s called an IEP (Individual Education Plan).   We’ve revisited it each year, making alterations, to meet Morgan’s ever growing and changing needs.

Even our extracurricular activities, from sports to piano lessons, have had to be pieced and patched together, to help them fit us better.  It’s been our experience that very few plans go exactly as planned. 😉 That’s OK.  I think we’ve actually learned more from the pieces that didn’t fit.

Morgan is twenty two now.  She’s approaching her final remnant of school services this year. Now this educational quilt, we’ve sown so many plans and hopes into, has only two possibilities.  We can sadly fold it away.  OR we can re-purpose it.

quilt heart

Maybe it’s this season of too many holidays and snow days combined.  I’ve found myself picking at,  and pulling apart, every thought and idea I’ve ever had on how to cover Morgan’s future.

Truthfully, this has been an extremely hard season of seam ripping for mom.  All that said, I know what I believe.  I know The HOPE I continue to believe in.  I know God’s love does not miss a stitch.  So I’m handing all of these scraps to Him.  I’m thankful to know He doesn’t waste anything.  I have no doubt, He can even make something beautiful out of all of my mistakes.  I look forward to seeing His handy-work.

Until Next Time,

Know The HOPE,



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