“Good Things”

It started with Morgan’s weekend breakfast special; scrambled eggs, grits, biscuits, and turkey bacon. Her dad has recently taught her the art of turning that biscuit into a bacon and egg sandwich. Yum! it’s a Good Thing. 😉 After checking out the latest episode of Mickey Mouse Club, and relaxing a bit, it was time to head for SENSE Theatre. Morgan has been sharing some artwork with them, which will be displayed in March at their show, Circus delSe’. Another Good Thing!
Sense 1b
Next we were off to Project 22, for a little more art fun. I thought Morgan would be “all done” near the end of the session, but she surprised me by saying she wanted to “stay with friends”.
Hearing this made Mom’s day!

Later that evening we had dinner with her Mamaw, Papaw, and friends at the Long Hollow Jamboree. Then after church Sunday, Morgan capped off the weekend with a visit to the circus with a few of buddies.
Mamaw Morgan Long Hollow JAmboree Circus Morgan kenneth Lesa
This weekend was just one Good Thing after another, and the Best Thing was seeing her truly enjoy being with friends! Now I really think a nap would be a Good Thing. 😉

Hope you enjoy listening to our latest single, recently released to radio, available on iTunes.

Until Next Time,
Know The Hope!

Tammy Vice


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