“Love Sees The Heart”

One of the must do events on Morgan’s December calendar is a walk through the Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas decorations. Some of the decor has become very familiar; The poinsettia Christmas Tree, and the hot air balloons hanging in the Garden Conservatory.

Poinsettia TreeOpry Balloons

As you turn each corner, there can also be surprises. This time we saw a friendly snowman family. Morgan also spotted a “Wedding Fashion Show”, and then WOW! her buddy Shrek.

Opry SnowmenWedding Fasion Show
Shrek HugShrek and Morgan

I couldn’t help noticing her equal delight in the Beauty AND the Beast. In her eyes, they were both something beautiful to behold. 😉 She had been going on and on about the bride and the fashion show. Then she saw Shrek, and wrapped her arms around him like a long lost friend. Getting Morgan to greet someone usually requires a little prompting and convincing, so this Troll-Bear-Hug took me a little by surprise. I guess love needs no introduction. 😉

Wishing you all a very Happy 2015, with sweet surprises around every corner.
Know The Hope!

Tammy Vice


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