“Meanwhile, Behind The Scenes”

We’ve all heard it said, “If only our lives were as perfect as we make them look on Facebook.” 😉 Like everyone else, our family has it’s fair share of The Good, The Bad, And THE UGLY. In last month’s post I shared moments from Allison’s “Perfect Cinderella Wedding”. What I didn’t share was me charging with Morgan toward the bathroom when she suddenly announced she’d had “Too much white wedding cake!”.  Thankfully, that went unnoticed by the bride and most of the guests.  Whew! 😉

Daddy Daughter Dance

Photo by: Lemondrop Productions

It’s takes a lot of planning and preparation for our family to put on any event, large or small.  Sometimes, no matter how carefully we try to line things up, autism or something else will tip The Domino that makes the whole thing come crashing down.  What does a domino champion do when that happens?  We take a deep breath, maybe call a respected fellow contender, and start lining them up all over again.  We hang in there because it’s Amazingly Wonderful to be present when the complete domino display flows and cascades just as we had hoped it would.  For me, Allison’s wedding turned out to be one of those amazingly wonderful times.

My point is, life is wonderful And messy.  The moments I hold on to and the ones I leave on the editing floor are my choice.  Nothing is wasted.  Whether things all go well or they present another opportunity to learn, I’m thankful.  I believe our family is pretty perfect for our normal.  😉 Hang in there.  Yours is too!

I think this sums up what I’m trying to say.

Thanks for letting us share with you.


Until Next Time,

Know The Hope!



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