Ms. Masters and Ms. Mischief

While the goals my girls set are very different, my dream for each of them is the same.  I want them to have a happy and fulfilled life.  I want them to know the joy of living life with a purpose.

Allison received her Masters in Science in ABA and Autism.  My heart swelled with joy as I listened to her address her class. She spoke about sacrifice, realizing you have to prioritize and let go of some things along the way, in order to reach the things that really matter.  She spoke about accomplishment, watching her sister take the long walk across the stage to get her Special Education Diploma.  Allison “Gets it!”  She understands the need all of us have to feel a sense of accomplishment, to know we serve a purpose,… To Know We Matter.


Allison’s path has been a straight one.  It seems she’s known what she wanted to do from early on.  With God’s grace, she’s set her course, and has remained on track.  Morgan’s path has been filled with detours, never knowing what’s around the next bend, and yet I have no doubt God has a perfect plan for her life as well.  Along the way, I’ve seen each of them touch others’ lives and make them better.

Congratulations Ms. Masters and Ms. Mischief!  You have a very proud and thankful mom and dad.

Until Next Time,

Know The Hope!

Tammy Vice



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