Gail Kerr’s House the Homeless Fund

How’s Nashville? A better place, thanks to Gail Kerr…

Les Kerr's Liner Notes

Gail Kerr Gail Kerr

The outpouring of love and good wishes since the death of my lovely wife Gail has been astonishing and very comforting to me. Thank you all so much.

One of the frequent questions I receive is, “How can we honor her memory?” A great way is to support Gail Kerr’s House the Homeless Fund, a project she proposed before her death and is now being implemented, thanks to The Tennessean, How’s Nashville and the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The biggest difference in her proposal versus the way it is now is the name. It is now named for her and she would have been so honored by that. Like many others, Gail recognized the homeless issue in Nashville and did her best to bring focus to it in her columns.

Not only did Gail write about it but, in her very “hands-on” way, she…

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