“Come As You Are”

“A friend loves at all times…” Proverbs 17.17

To say that our crew can be a handful puts it mildly. 😉  Autism can get very uncomfortable away from home and the regular routine.  Recently we traveled down to Mobile for a reunion with some dear old friends.  We stayed at “The Summersell Inn”  where we were very well fed and taken care of.  No one cooks better, or in larger quantities, than Mrs. Margaret.  Morgan insisted on Mr. Tony checking out her “Dancing Lights” music, and of course he was all about it.  We also visited with Mr. Steve and Mrs. Julie on Lake Pearl.  Morgan helped Mr. Steve feed the fish.  Afterwards, they wet the hook and caught a couple.  Mrs. Julie helped us rig up our “Dancing Lights” when the sun went down.  Thanks to our very flexible friends, we had a wonderful visit. 😉

Spending time with these guys is so comfortable, so right.  In a world where we struggle to fit in at times, this is one of those special places we feel most at home.  This is where we know we can come as we are and be received with open arms.  It’s a sweet gift we don’t take for granted.  Looking back at these pics brought more smiles. 


Dancing Lights on Lake Pearl


Mr. Tony, Dad, and Morgan cutting the rug

   Image    Image

Feeding the fish with Mr. Steve      Time to catch a couple



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