“See What I Mean?”

It’s called developmental delay for a reason… 

“Sometimes a flower blossoms out of season.” – from the song “Blue Rose”

Our Blue Rose will turn twenty this month!  As we celebrate how far she’s come, I also celebrate how much she’s helped me grow over the years.  We are both forever learning what it takes to communicate and understand each other, and the world around us.


It has taken Morgan, and autism, a long time to teach me that communication is SO MUCH MORE than words.  It can be heard in a melody, seen in a piece of art, smelled when we’re baking, tasted in a treat, and felt through her gentle “head bumps” and hugs. 

When I’m working with Morgan, I’ve learned to employ all the senses in order to make the project more meaningful to her.  She and I recently co-wrote a song for our upcoming visit to the beach, where they hold a songwriters festival this time of year.  Morgan has a unique way of phrasing things, and I love her lyric.  Below you can listen to the song, and see some of the work we did to bring it together.  Hope you enjoy!

Click HERE to listen to a preview of “A Best Day at The Beach”.

       “Diamond Tail Kite” Drawing                                                 “A Best Day at The Beach” Drawing


      Image   Image

             Practicing Our Song                                                                        Morgan’s Lyric



Image      Image



Until Next Time,


Know The Hope!   


Tammy Vice


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